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I‚??m Chris Gardner. I‚??m an Entrepreneur, Single Parent and the Author of the ‚??Pursuit of Happyness.‚??
I‚??ve recently taken my newest position and the last job I will ever have in my LIFE! I am the CEO of Happyness and I LOVE my job‚?¶My first book, ‚??The Pursuit of Happyness‚?? became a New York Times and Washington Post #1 Bestseller that has been translated into over 40 languages including 6 dialects. Chinese, the book is currently being translated in Arabic for the first time. That book was the Story of My Life but I‚??ve always thought of it as the book of US, meaning everyone who had every opportunity to quit but didn‚??t. We all embrace the Power of Choice!

My book also inspired a film that became the critically acclaimed, iconic and perhaps is more relevant today then when it was first released. Will Smith playing me received an Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Academy Award nomination for his performance. My second bestselling book ‚??Start Where You Are‚?? was published in May of 2009 ‚?? a year into the Global Financial Crisis ‚?? Man I‚??ve got the timing thing down! Ha!

Having survived and overcome all of the ‚??cycles‚?? that frankly should have crashed me and did crash others. I found my self once again challenged in the early 1980‚??s when I became a working homeless Veteran with a toddler son. The two most important decisions that I ever made in my life were about to be tested to the Nth degree.

The first and most important decision that I ever made in my life was that, my children would always know who their father was. Without knowing the names, circumstances, social or social conditions I consciously chose to break every cycle that I was born into. Child abandonment, Child abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, fear, poverty, and illiteracy. The second most important decision that I ever made in my life was that I would become WORLD CLASS as whatever I did in my life. This decision led me to a career on Wall Street. In fact 30 years in the financial services industry and wouldn‚??t trade a day of it for anything in the world. I‚??d also never go back! Ha! As Mom‚??s would say ‚??Boy, you‚??ve got to know when to leave the party!‚??

A very big part of what I want to do with the rest of my life is simple; a want to help create the next ‚??Chris Gardner.‚?? The message is equally simple; If I can do this, than you can do that.

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